Luxury Accommodations




Not everything is relative…but lots of things are. For example… sometimes we think of that clunking Monday where you spilt coffee on your white pants, were late for work, pulled over for speeding and had a bad hair day as the worst day of your life.  Is that turkey sandwich actually the best thing you have ever tasted or were you just really hungry? When we think things are particularly good or bad… it helps to keep things in context, which brings me to my point I think most people would think it’s crazy that as a sales women, I’m camping…yep no electricity or wifi and I’m sleeping in a tent.

It could seem like I am really roughing it….but then I start to think about another time in my life where I actually lived in a treehouse in India, The very rustic shelter was basically made out of sticks and dried palm branches, my bed was just more sticks that were built into a shelf on the stick wall. Besides a chunk of fabric I used as a sheet, a straw mat and the world’s flattest eight inch pillow, were really my only objects of comfort. As you can probably imagine, a home of sticks and branches is only slightly water resistant…and during monsoon season in India, this just means you learn to live in varying stages of wetness….from mostly damp to wrinkly finger soaked. Everything is wet…everything molds…even skin. My rather open air abode, proved to be welcoming to all elements of nature that wished to visit…including, rats, lizards, thousands of insects, cobras and even the villainous town drunkard.

 But I can honestly look back on my days in the tree house with no running water, or electricity, (we didn’t really even have flashlights…I think this was due to the fact that we wanted to be like the natives, and grew to believe that lights were a curse to your natural night vision, I eventually went so native that I didn’t even wear shoes the last couple weeks…I actually think my flip flops had broken) and say that these were some of the happiest and most contented days of my life. Which must somehow prove the point that a happy life, doesn’t necessarily comprise of having an abundance of possessions, or comforts.

So really now… I’m staying in a waterproof tent that actually keeps insects and rain…out! I have air mattress, with a sleeping bag and a fluffy down pillow ( I really, really love my pillows) , flush toilets and hot showers. As I sip my fine four dollar Primativo out of a paper Starbucks cup…I’m thinking how neat it is that I am working for a company whose motto is ‘inspired by life’ and what could be more inspiring than a lovely campsite on a beautiful lake, spending the evening watching the sun go down over the water, listening to the symphony of frogs…and as the fading twilight light gives way to a spectacular show of fireflies, I think of how blessed I am to experience this all this luxury.



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