Adventures of the Week.

Trying to stay true to my musings of last week, I have decided it would be a nice life goal to strive to  have at least one adventure everyday. Just one new thing I can explore or discover, a single new piece of knowledge or a new person to meet and learn about. If you think about it, we probably have multiple adventures every day and since we live is a world that is so deep and wide and diverse, seeking out a daily adventure shouldn’t really be a problem! 

So I shall share some simple adventures of the week: 

Monday: Discovered some great little North Carolina coastal towns, This little town of like historic New Berg, the first capitol of NC and its neighboring town of Oriental, which has a population of 800 people and 2700 boats. I guess this area is called the inner banks and its the sailing capitol of the world….so each person needs at least three sailboats?!Image


Tuesday: Discovered Emerald Isle Beach, a real live massive, beautiful, sandy, HOT, SUNNY beach!!! Image

And I also discovered that the official state sea shell of North Carolina is the Scotch Bonnet, and that some shells are just too interesting to not come home with you. (someday I’ll find a brilliant pintrest use for them!) Image

Wednesday: Discovered why I shouldn’t get overly ambitious about seeing as many accounts as possible…basically I have red dots on a map where my accounts are located. And I can drive a couple hours away for appointments, then I tend to get off on rabbit trails leading to other accounts that are just a little further and further away from my bed…and by the time I need to start heading back…I’m 300 miles away…again! (I’ve already made this mistake several times!)  Oh and I also discovered why you shouldn’t run at 4pm in humid 95+ southeast weather…seriously you get sooo hot and cant cool off again, but I did discover a great new running trail way far away somewhere in South Carolina. 

Thursday: Needed an office day…so I just discovered a bunch of boring work stuff and this great new hard cider I found at Trader Joe’s. Its a touch sweet, but almost sour at the same time, with a really bright burst of granny smith apples …the perfectly crisp and refreshing happy hour or work break refreshment! Image


Friday: I decided one way to guarantee my daily dose of adventure would be to always ask my last account of the day where a good hike or trail run in their area is…then go do it…before I sit in my car for another four hours. Friday proved to be the best adventure of the week, my customer told me about this Carl Sandburg National Park, where they had filmed part of the Last of the Mohicans and Hunger Games.


I went for through the county estate of Carl Sandberg (I guess he was famous Swedish poet and author, who found his inspiration for life and writing in the solitude of nature.) My run took me up  Big Glassy mountain, the run kept getting longer and longer, because I kept seeing these signs that promised an overlook…and I’m so glad I kept going, because the overlook was absolutely breathtaking, and I also found these very fitting and inspirational words by the on a sign in the woods.


 “It is necessary ever so often for a man to go off by himself and experience loneliness, to sit on a rock in the forest and ask himself; who am I, where have i been, and where am I going?”
– Carl Sandberg

I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Sandberg…

(*this pic was stolen off the internet…I didn’t run with my phone!) 


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